Attestation for Hospitals and the National Practitioner Data Bank

PUBLISHED: Feb 15, 2018
Relevant to: All Healthcare Organizations

Attestation is a national education and outreach effort to ensure that all eligible entities are meeting their National Practitioner Data Base (NPDB) reporting requirements. Currently state licensing boards and health centers are participating in attestation. The Health Resources & Services Administration NPDB is now expanding the attestation process to all registered hospitals. During attestation, Data Bank Administrators “attest” that their organization has submitted all reportable actions and medical malpractice payments to the NPDB.

Every two years, as a part of the registration process, hospitals will update their profile and complete attestation. The hospital profile includes:

  • Which professions the hospital grants clinical privileges
  • If decision-making (e.g., employment, credentialing, privileging, disciplinary) and NPDB transactions (reporting and querying) are done in-house, or by other organizations on the hospital's behalf.
  • Hospitals responsible for making privileging and/or credentialing decisions for other hospitals will identify those hospitals in their profile and attest on their behalf.

Attestation confirms that your hospital has submitted all required reports over a two-year time-frame.

Hospitals are notified by email when it is time to renew their registration, update their profile and complete attestation. The NPDB will send a 60-day reminder email to the Data Bank administrator prior to the hospital's NPDB registration renewal/attestation due date. If your hospital has not received notification, then your renewal is not currently due. Detailed instructions for attestation will be available when you sign in to your NPDB account to renew.

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