TJC Standards Revisions for Fluoroscopy Services

PUBLISHED: Jul 19, 2018
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care, Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals

As StayAlert! has previously reported, The Joint Commission (TJC) recently announced revisions to their standards related to Fluoroscopy services, effective January 1, 2019. The revisions are applicable to ambulatory care, critical access hospitals, hospitals, and office-based surgery practices.

A new Element of Performance under Leadership Standard LD.04.01.05 requires organizations to effectively manage its programs, services, sites, or departments. The organization is required to ensure there is an individual who has both the authority and leadership support to do the following:

  • Monitor and verify compliance with established radiation safety practices (including oversight of dosimetry monitoring)
  • Provide recommendations for improved radiation safety
  • Intervene as needed to stop unsafe practices
  • Implement corrective action

Included with today’s notice is an example policy reflecting the above described requirements, as well as a link to the prepublication standards. StayAlert! will review additional changes in upcoming notices.

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