CDC and AHA Publish Book Addressing Infection Control in Health Care Setting

PUBLISHED: Sep 6, 2018
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals, Long Term Care

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a new book reviewing best practices for infection control in health care settings. The book, Using Health Using the Health Care Physical Environment to Prevent and Control Infection: A Best Practice Guide to Help Health Care Organizations Create Safe, Healing Environments, presents best practices, case studies, resources and research intended to assist health care facility managers and others to incorporate infection control into physical design and maintenance considerations. Specific topics covered include:

  • Infection Control Risk Assessments
  • Hand Hygiene Infrastructure
  • Reprocessing
  • Cleaning of Environmental Surfaces
  • Water-Related Environmental Infection Control
  • Flow of Patients, Personnel, Equipment and Waste

The new guidance was created by the AHA and the CDC as a part of a three-year CDC initiative to improve the implementation of infection prevention and control efforts in U.S. hospitals.

The document, available as a free PDF download, can be accessed by following the link below.

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