Joint Commission Deletes EP Related to Education about Antimicrobial Medications

PUBLISHED: Oct 5, 2017
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals, Long Term Care

The Joint Commission (TJC) has announced that effective October 1, 2017 Element of Performance (EP) 3 for standard MM.09.01.01 is deleted for the hospitals and critical access hospitals program. Please note that this EP remains effective for nursing care centers.

MM.09.01.01, EP 3 requires hospitals and critical access hospital to provide education to patients to educate patient and families on the appropriate use of antimicrobial medications including antibiotics. In January 2017, TJC issued an FAQ about this standard further clarifying that “… patients receiving prescribed antimicrobials upon discharge from a hospital or ambulatory clinic (surveyed under the hospital program) are the only individuals who should be provided education on antimicrobial medications.”

However, TJC now reports that they have received “consistent feedback” about the applicability of this education when provided to patients who are too ill to receive and or retain the information. This feedback coupled with the continued applicability of PC.02.03.01, EP 10 (which requires patient education on medication usage based on the patient’s condition and assessed needs) contributed to the decision to delete EP 3 for MM.09.01.01 for hospitals and critical access hospitals.

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