TJC Proposes New Antimicrobial Stewardship Requirement for Office Based Surgery and Ambulatory

PUBLISHED: Jan 9, 2019
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care

The Joint Commission (TJC) is seeking comment on a proposed new standard for office-based surgery and ambulatory care related to antimicrobial stewardship.

TJC has posted on their website the proposed standard, MM.09.01.03, for each accreditation program, link is provided below. The proposed requirements center around the following antimicrobial stewardship tenets:

  • Identifying an individual(s) responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring activities to promote appropriate antimicrobial medication prescribing practices.
  • Establishing at least one annual antimicrobial stewardship goal.
  • Implementing approved protocols and evidence-based practice guidelines related to antimicrobial stewardship goal(s).
  • Providing antimicrobial stewardship education and training for clinical staff and licensed independent practitioners as well as to patients and families, as appropriate.
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting antimicrobial stewardship goal(s) data to organizational leadership.

Follow the links below to access the proposed standards and for comment submission instruction. Comments will be accepted through February 18, 2019.

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