DNV GL Healthcare Revises Anesthesia Services Requirements

PUBLISHED: Dec 31, 2018
Relevant to: Hospitals

DNV GL Healthcare recently updated their NIAHO Hospital Accreditation Requirements, effective January 21, 2019. DNV GL Healthcare has revised Anesthesia Services requirement (AS.3) which addresses the pre/post anesthesia evaluation.

Revisions include the following:

  • If the required elements of the post-anesthesia evaluation are available elsewhere in the medical record, it is acceptable if that information is referred to and authenticated as accurate by the individual qualified to administer anesthesia. (SR.2d(2)i)
  • All anesthesia patients shall be discharged from the hospital in the company of a responsible adult unless exempted by the practitioner who performed the surgical procedure.) (SR.2e)

According to DNV GL Healthcare, these changes were made to better align with interpretive guidance and to reflect accepted standards of practice.

These changes are applicable to DNV-accredited hospitals and are effective as of January 21, 2019. Included with today’s notice is a link to the revised NIAHO requirements and an example policy related to these revised requirements.

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