Hospice - Comprehensive Assessment

PUBLISHED: Dec 6, 2017
Relevant to: Hospice

The Joint Commission recently published an accreditation “tip” clarifying that LVN/LVNs cannot perform comprehensive assessments at hospices. Comprehensive assessments must be performed by a Registered Nurse.

According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Condition of Participation 42 CFR 418.56(1)

“The hospice must designate an interdisciplinary group or groups composed of individuals who work together to meet the physical, medical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual needs of the hospice patients and families facing terminal illness and bereavement. Interdisciplinary group members must provide the care and services offered by the hospice, and the group, in its entirety, must supervise the care and services. The hospice must designate a registered nurse that is a member of the interdisciplinary group to provide coordination of care and to ensure continuous assessment of each patient’s and family’s needs and implementation of the interdisciplinary plan of care.”

Included with today’s notice are example polices related to this requirement.

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