Information about the 2019 Measles Outbreak

PUBLISHED: Feb 13, 2019
Relevant to: All Healthcare Organizations, Medical Office

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated information on the 2019 Measles outbreak. From January 1 to February 7, 2019, 101 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 10 states. The states that have reported cases to CDC are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

The current outbreak, which is defined as 3 or more cases, have been reported in the following jurisdictions:

According to the CDC, these outbreaks are linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel and Ukraine, where large measles outbreaks are occurring. Measles is still common in many parts of the world including some countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.

The best way to prevent measles is vaccination. In the United States, most of the measles cases result from international travel. The disease is brought into the United States by unvaccinated people who get infected in other countries. Therefore, vaccination against measles should be confirmed before international travel.

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