TJC Reduces EPs Related to Telehealth Services for Ambulatory Care

PUBLISHED: May 21, 2018
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care

The Joint Commission (TJC) has announced an approximately 25% reduction in applicable Elements of Performance (EPs) for ambulatory care telehealth services. TJC has published a list of EPs that will no longer apply to organizations that “…primarily provide surgical and nonsurgical services via a telehealth platform.” The changes are effective July 1, 2018.

With removal of these EPs, TJC is intending to clarify expectations and ensure that standards are relevant. There have not been any new standards or EPs added to the telehealth surgical or nonsurgical services and settings.

Summary of reductions:

  • In the Environment of Care Chapter (EC) TJC has removed 12 EPs that address areas including:
    • Medical equipment inventory
    • Medical equipment inspection and maintenance
    • Emergency power for medical equipment
    • Utility system testing
    • Review of environment of care management plans
  • In the Emergency Management (EM) chapter TJC has removed 31 EPs that address areas including:
    • Organization’s role in the community response plan
    • Communication with external authorities
    • Supply, equipment, staff management during an emergency
    • Staff roles and assignments during an emergency; evacuation
    • Use of volunteers
  • TJC has also removed:
    • 36 EPs in the Infection Prevention and Control Chapter (IC)
    • 4 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) that address patient identifiers and hand hygiene
    • 4 EPs that address care coordination in the Provision of Care (PC) chapter
    • 1 EP in the Performance Improvement chapter that addresses collection of data on incidents involving the use of sedation/anesthesia

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