Joint Commission Announces Plan to Publicly Report C-section Rates by July 2020

PUBLISHED: Jan 2, 2019
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals

The Joint Commission (TJC) recently announced their plan to start publicly reporting hospitals with consistently high cesarean birth rates on Quality Check® using data reported by hospitals during the calendar years (CY) 2018 and 2019.

According to TJC, since 2010, accredited hospitals have been required to report data on the perinatal care (PC) cesarean birth measure (PC-02). Since reporting began, cesarean birth rates have remained around 26 percent. However, in 2017, 25 percent of the reporting hospitals had rates greater than 30 percent. This increase has led TJC to reexamine its position on public reporting these rates.

TJC states that it will consider three criteria in determining a hospital’s PC-02 performance:

  • Whether the hospital reports more than 30 cases reported in both years
  • Whether the hospital exceeds a 30 percent PC-02 rate for the current year
  • Whether the hospital’s overall two-year average PC-02 rate exceeds 30 percent

TJC explains that “…if a hospital meets all three criteria and its data represents a sample size large enough for valid determination, it will be designated as having a consistently high C-section rate — identified on Quality Check as a (-) symbol for the PC-02 measure.”

Those hospitals reporting consistently PC-02 rates will be designated with a (+) symbol for the measure.

Given this new reporting plan, hospitals will want to review polices for cesarean section data collection and policies for reducing unnecessary cesarean sections.

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