TJC Clarifies Home Care Documentations Requirements for PRN Medications

PUBLISHED: Jun 13, 2018
Relevant to: Home Health

The Joint Commission has issued a standards FAQ clarifying their position on documentation requirements for home care organizations.

According to TJC documentation is required for all PRN medications that a patient is actively using to treat existing health conditions. Examples: Nitroglycerin for chest pain associated with coronary artery disease; ibuprofen for ongoing arthritis pain

TJC further clarifies that PRN medications that a patient may have in their home but are not in active use for treatment of existing health conditions do not need to be documented. Examples: Pseudoephedrine without recent sinus congestion; acetaminophen without a recent headache.

According to TJC the patient should be informed not to self-administer any medications that have not been reviewed by the physician.

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