CDC Updates Recommendations for Timing of Pregnancy after Zika Exposure

PUBLISHED: Aug 15, 2018
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care, Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals, Medical Office, Rural Health Clinics

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new, updated recommendations for the timing of pregnancy after Zika Virus exposure. The CDC now recommends that men with possible Zika virus exposure who are planning to conceive with their partner wait at least 3 months after symptoms or possible exposure (travel to or residence in an area with risk of Zika).

This shortened timeframe also applies for men who are not planning to conceive with their partners but who want to prevent passing Zika virus through sex. These updated recommendations, published in MMWR, are based on emerging data, which suggest that risk of infectious Zika virus in semen appears to decline substantially during the 3 months after onset of symptoms.

All other Zika guidance remains unchanged.

Men with possible Zika virus exposure whose partner is pregnant should use condoms or the couple should not have sex for the entire pregnancy to reduce the risk of transmission.

The CDC continues to evaluate all available evidence and will continue to update recommendations as new information becomes available.

Included with today’s notice is an example policy reflecting these updated guidelines.

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