2019 National Patient Safety Goals

PUBLISHED: Oct 29, 2018
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals

The Joint Commission has released the 2019 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs). A link to the goals for each accreditation program is available on the TJC website, link below.

New for 2019 is an additional Element of Performance (EP) for NPSG.01.01.01. EP 3 requiring a distinct naming system for accurate newborn patient identification. This new EP is applicable to hospitals and critical access hospitals. As StayAlert! previously reviewed, NPSG.01.01.01, EP 3 aims to improve safety and the quality of care delivered to newborns by ensuring the most accurate patient identification possible and preventing medical errors related to misidentification.

TJC suggests the following naming conventions:

  • Mothers first and last names, newborn gender (Smith, Judy Baby Girl)

Further, TJC recommends implementation of a standardized practice for identification banding (use of barcoding, using two-body site identification). As well as the establishment of communication tools for staff (checking for two patient identifiers prior to medical record entries; visually alerting staff with signage noting newborns with similar names). Regardless of what newborn naming convention an organization selects, it must be documented and consistent.

Included with today’s notice is an example policy related to this new element of performance as well as a link to the 2019 NPSGs.

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