Joint Commission Revises Note for Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services Standard to Clarify Circulating Duties in the Operating Room

PUBLISHED: Feb 8, 2019
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals

The Joint Commission (TJC) has revised a Note for Provision of Care, Treatment and Services (PC) standard PC.03.01.01, Element of Performance (EP) 5, effective immediately. According to TJC, the revisions to this Note are intended to add further clarity to circulatory duties in the operating room.

The revised note clarifies the following:

  • Qualified registered nurses may perform circulating duties in the operating room.
  • In accordance with state law and regulation and hospital policy, licensed practical nurses and surgical technologists may assist the circulating registered nurse in performing circulatory duties as long as the registered nurse supervises these staff and is immediately available to respond to emergencies

Follow the link below to review the TJC revision. Included with today’s notice is an example job description for the circulating nurse.

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