New Long Term Care Survey Process from CMS

PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2017
Relevant to: Long Term Care

On November 28, 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the new Long-Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP). The LTCSP will be implemented by each state for all Long Term Care (LTC) standard surveys and reflects CMS efforts to create an effective and efficient survey process that combines the best of both the Traditional and Quality Indicator Survey processes into a single nationwide survey process. CMS began weekly training sessions in July, in an effort to ensure that all States and Regions have been fully trained in the new LTCSP.

Appendix P of the SOM has historically been the survey protocol, containing high-level policy as well as step-by step procedures for conducting the LTC standard survey. During development and testing of the new survey process, a LTCSP procedure guide was created. This procedure guide has undergone revisions based on test results, is now finalized, and will replace Appendix P as the procedural and technical guide for conducting LTC standard surveys.

Follow the link below for additional information and to access the new LTCSP survey guide.

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