Joint Commission's New and Revised Pain Assessment and Management Requirements – Performance Improvement

PUBLISHED: Jul 13, 2017
Relevant to: Hospitals

As StayAlert! previously reported, Joint Commission (TJC) has issued new and revised pain assessment and management requirements for hospitals that are effective January 1, 2018. The prepublication standards are currently available on TJC’s website. Today’s notice focuses on the new and revised requirements related to performance improvement. TJC standard PI.01.01.01 requires hospital to collect data to monitor its performance. With the new pain assessment and management requirements, TJC has added a specific Element of Performance requiring hospitals to collect data on pain assessment and pain management including interventions and effectiveness.

Further, under TJC standard PI.02.01.01 hospitals are required to analyze the data they collect and determine areas that may need modification in order to improve safety and quality for patients.

Additionally, hospitals are now required to monitor the use of opioids, including prescription patterns, tracking of adverse events and use of naloxone.

Included with today’s notice are example policies related to the new requirements

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