TJC Requirements for Updating H&P during Inpatient Stay

PUBLISHED: Apr 6, 2017
Relevant to: Hospitals

The Joint Commission (TJC) recently posted a new frequently asked question that addresses requirements for updating a patient's History and Physical when a surgery/procedure requiring anesthesia services is performed during an inpatient stay. This FAQ is applicable to Critical Access Hospitals and Hospitals.

According to TJC, a history and physical (H&P) that is properly executed is valid for a patient’s entire length of stay. Even if a surgery or procedure requiring anesthesia services is performed during the impatient stay, a new update to the H&P is not required because daily progress notes serve as the update. A new or updated H&P is not required so long as the patient is continuously hospitalized.

However, if a patient is discharged and then readmitted a valid H&P is required (completed within last 30 days) and must be updated within 24 hours of the admission but before any surgery or procedure requiring anesthesia.

Included with today’s StayAlert! Notice is an example policy related to History and Physical requirements.

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