Vulnerabilities in Certain Siemens Molecular Imaging Products

PUBLISHED: Aug 7, 2017
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care, Hospitals

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued an Advisory (ICSMA-17-215-02) about four vulnerabilities identified in Siemens Molecular Imaging products running on Windows 7. Siemens is preparing updates for the affected products. According to the Advisory, these vulnerabilities could be exploited remotely. Exploits that target these vulnerabilities are known to be publicly available.

Siemens reports that the vulnerabilities affect the following products:

  • Siemens PET/CT Systems: All Windows 7-based versions,
  • Siemens SPECT/CT Systems: All Windows 7-based versions,
  • Siemens SPECT Systems: All Windows 7-based versions, and
  • Siemens SPECT Workplaces/ All Windows 7-based versions.

Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow the attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code.

Impact to individual organizations depends on many factors that are unique to each organization. NCCIC/ICS-CERT recommends that organizations evaluate the impact of these vulnerabilities based on their operational environment and specific clinical usage.

Siemens is preparing updates for the affected products and recommends protecting network access to the Molecular Imaging products with appropriate mechanisms. It is advised to run the devices in a dedicated network segment and protected IT environment. If this is not possible, Siemens recommends the following:

  • If patient safety and treatment is not at risk, disconnect the product from the network and use in stand-alone mode.
  • Reconnect the product only after the provided patch or remediation is installed on the system. Siemens is able to patch systems capable of Remote Update Handling (RUH) much faster by remote software distribution compared to onsite visits. Therefore users of RUH-capable equipment are recommended to clarify the situation concerning patch availability and remaining risk in the local customer network with the Siemens Customer Care Center first and then to reconnect the systems in order to receive patches as quickly as possible via RUH. This ensures smooth and fast receipt of updates and therefore supports reestablishment of system operations.

In addition, Siemens recommends:

  • Ensure users have appropriate backups and system restoration procedures.
  • For specific patch and remediation guidance information contact a local Siemens customer service engineer or a Siemens regional support center.

For more information on these vulnerabilities and more detailed mitigation instructions see the Department of Homeland Security Advisory as well as Siemens Advisory, links to which are provided below.

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