Joint Commission Clarifies "Observers" Standard

PUBLISHED: Feb 1, 2017

The Joint Commission (TJC) has updated the definition of “observer” as it relates to surveyor / reviewer management staff during on-site surveys.

Accreditation Participation Requirement (APR) 07.01.01 requires organizations to permit TJC surveyor management staff and/or a member of the TJC Board of Commissioners to observe the on–site survey. However, the observer is not allowed to participate in the on-site survey process, including scoring

New language added to this requirement clarifies that surveyor management staff shall only participate in the survey process if he or she feels it is necessary to bring any potential findings or observations to the attention of the surveyor and the organization.

TJC notes is its announcement that “…field directors observing surveys and reviews are not included in the definition of observer as it appears in APR.07.01.01 and CPR 10.”

Please see TJC’s announcement for additional information at the link below.

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