Patient Safety Awareness Week

PUBLISHED: Mar 13, 2017

The United for Patient Safety Campaign’s Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual event designed to increase knowledge and interest about patient safety and engage health care professionals in the important work of patient safety initiatives. This year, Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 12-18th.

The United for Safety Patient Campaign has developed a number of ways for health care professionals and health care organizations to participate in Patient Safety Awareness Week, including:

  • Take the Pledge for Patient Safety: The United for Patient Safety campaign is asking health care professionals to take a pledge to stand united in striving to reduce harm in patient care. These pledges underscore the important action each can take in their commitment to safety across the care continuum.
  • Initiate organization-wide participation in Ask Me 3, the health care literacy program designed to promote communication between patients and health care providers.

The United for Safety Patient Campaign also has made available numerous resources including sample posts for social media to promote Patient Safety Awareness Week.

During Patient Safety Week, StayAlert! will publish reviews, best practices and example policies related to patient safety hot topics.

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