CMS Home Health Conditions of Participation Related to the Provision of Written Information to the Patient

PUBLISHED: Mar 28, 2017
Relevant to: Home Health

Today’s notice reviews the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPs) related to a new requirement for home health agencies that details the written information that must be provided to the patient. This requirement is effective July 13, 2017.

CMS Condition of Participation for Home Health Agencies requires, at § 484.60(e), that the HHA:

  • Provide written instruction to the patient and care giver that:
  • Outlines the visit schedule, including frequency of visits
  • Provides medication schedule/instructions
  • Lists treatments administered by HHA personnel and personnel acting on behalf of the HHA
  • Provides other pertinent instructions/education related to patient care
  • Provides the name and contact information of the HHA clinical manager

While the provision of written instruction has been long-standing practice in the home health industry, there will need to be some process changes in order for HHA’s to demonstrate compliance with this new requirement. Specifically HHA’s will want to ensure they are documenting the provision of the above required information.

Included with today’s notice is a selection of example policies related to the provision of written information to the patient. See MCN Healthcare’s newly updated Home Health Policy and Procedure Manual for additional policies.

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