Joint Commission Requirements for Providers Serving as Interpreters for Fellow Providers

PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2017
Relevant to: Ambulatory Care, Behavioral Health, Critical Access Hospitals, Home Health, Hospice, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Medical Office

The Joint Commission (TJC) recently issued a new standards Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about bilingual providers serving as interpreters for fellow providers.

According to TJC, the requirements outlined in standard HR.01.02.01 EP 1 apply for anyone serving the role of “bridging the communication” between a provider and a patient. According to this standard, any individual (including fellow providers) providing translation services in the hospital must be deemed qualified by the organization’s Human Resources Department prior to serving as a translator within the organization.

Further, according to best practice, the organization must ensure the competency of any interpreter by assessing:

  • Basic language skills
  • Knowledge of healthcare terminology
  • Ability to translate simple instructions

Included with today’s notice in an example policy for Interpreter Services.

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