Time to Review Hurricane Readiness Policies

PUBLISHED: Jul 3, 2017
Relevant to: Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals, Long Term Care

It is that time of year again, Hurricane season. For the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is reporting a 45 percent chance of an above-normal season.

Healthcare providers in hurricane risk areas must make hurricane preparedness a part of their Emergency Operations Plan. During and immediately after a hurricane, healthcare facilities may see an influx of patients with crush injuries, thermal stress, electrical burns, musculoskeletal injuries and illness from contaminated water.

Organizations should take the time to review key response plans with their staff including how the organization will:

  • Dispatch rescue teams and/or emergency personnel
  • Manage evacuated populations
  • Response to patient surge(s)
  • Direct and coordination emergency response
  • Communicate with community emergency response management agencies

Included with today’s notice are policies related to the preparation and response to hurricanes.

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