Toolkit to Improve Safety for Mechanically Ventilated Patients

PUBLISHED: Jan 26, 2017

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) Toolkit to Improve Safety for Mechanically Ventilated Patients is designed to assist hospitals make care safer for mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). According to AHRQ, the toolkit can be used by staff to apply proven principles and methods of AHRQs Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) to reduce complications for patients on ventilators.

The toolkit consists of four modules and other resources that will help ICUs uncover local defects, implement interventions to prevent ventilator-associated events, and build a sustainable safety culture:

  • Module on How To Apply CUSP for Mechanically Ventilated Patients
  • Technical Bundles Module
  • Ventilator-Associated Events and Outcome Measures Module
  • Sustainability Module

Included with today’s StayAlert! Notice is an example policy related to maintenance and monitoring of ventilator-assisted patients.

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