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MCN Learning specializes in producing the next generation of education and learning. This innovative company is comprised of compliance and regulatory experts, education and clinical professionals with decades of experience in order to develop a learning management system that is easy to implement, simple to manage and affordable.

Read the press release for the launch of MCN Learning here.

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MCN Foundation has over 25 years’ experience in health development and education. Utilizing this experience MCN Foundation leverages the knowledge necessary to have maximum impact on the ground in developing countries.

Based on the belief that health is a basic human right, MCN Foundation seeks to empower communities to take control of their health and to establish a vibrant and participatory health care system made up of communities, health workers and governments. Knowledge is the core product of MCN Foundation’s activities. MCN Foundation implements projects to learn and then shares this evidence-based knowledge with others to increase and promote healthcare based education, empowerment and job creation in rural and developingregions.

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GE Healthcare dedicated to helping you transform healthcare delivery by driving critical breakthroughs in biology and technology. Our expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is enabling healthcare professionals around the world to discover new ways to predict, diagnose and treat disease earlier. We call this model of care "Early Health." The goal: to help clinicians detect disease earlier, access more information and intervene earlier with more targeted treatments, so they can help their patients live their lives to the fullest. Re-think, Re-discover, Re-invent, Re-imagine.

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In addition to high quality, cost-effective fall management products, the Posey Company is a leading provider of education materials including videos, posters, manuals and resource guides. Many Posey in-service and educational programs are approved for continuing education credit.

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality

CIHQ (Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality)

Is a multi-faceted company comprised of an accreditation division, a consulting division and an individual professional certification division. CIHQ Hospital Accreditation Division is a CMS approved deeming authority providing accreditation surveys and deemed status for acute care hospitals. ARS (Accreditation Resource Services) is a member-based organization comprised of hospitals and other healthcare entities throughout the United States. ARS, our consulting division, provides comprehensive support services to member organizations regardless of their accreditation provider. Finally, our HACP (Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional) division is a national individual professional certification solely dedicated to demonstrating competency in the CMS survey and certification process.

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